Providing Professional Estate Planning Advice

Here at Perfect Wills and Estate Plans LLP we specialise in will writing and estate law. This means we write Wills, setup Lasting Power of Attorney, explain and show how to use Trusts to protect assets, mitigate Inheritance Tax and Reduce Probate and Funeral Costs. We are Providing Professional Estate Planning advice to ensure assets are protected. We also offer services around financial planning and the protection of beneficiary and trustees' rights in contentious cases. Should you require any of these services, we are the firm to talk to. Get in touch by visiting us in Sutton Coldfield or call 0800 531 6283.
As members of The Society of Will Writers you can be safe in the knowledge that we adhere to a strict code of conduct and are acknowledged as a Company who are safe to deal with as outlined by having the ability to use the Society logo. You can also find membership details on the Society of Will Writers website.