Property Protection and Asset Protection Trusts

Property Protection and Asset Protection Trusts

We offer a range of different Trusts suitable for different size estates and offering different levels of protection, here are just a couple of examples...

Property Protection Trusts

By placing your assets into a property protection Trust, you can ensure those asset are passed to the people you choose after your death, as stated in the trust.

For example, half of your house could be held in trust by your surviving spouse/partner, to be used for the rest of their lifetime, however, they never actually own your half. 

If you have children from a previous relationship/marriage then the trust is used to ensure their inheritance is protected as they will then ultimately receive your half of the property.

Family Asset Protection Trust

The most effective way to protect you home from 3rd Party claims, for example, Bankruptcy, Claims against your estate, Probate fees, Divorce and more.

Whatever life throws at you, a Family Asset Protection Trust will ensure your assets as passed on intact, to the right people.

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